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Season 12 ~ MINOR LEAGUE ~ 3 Strikes Knockout Tourny


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Looking at the first picks of all 3 players.... no matches

2nd picks when compared to the first picks... we have our first Match!

McCallister picked RAPTOR first and TheActivisionary picked it second.

First Game: RAPTOR


Comparing the third picks... we have another match!

Atarian7 Picked Slalom third and TheActivisionary picked it First.

Second Game : Slalom (From Winter Games)


Comparing 4th picks... no matches

Comparing 5th picks with all the other picks... no matches

Comparing 6th picks... We have a match finally.

TheActivisionary Picked Roadrunner 6th... McCallister Picked it 5th.

Third Game: Roadrunner


That's it.

Start playing and start posting.

Remember the last remaining player gets to pick a game for season 13!



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Update Complete!


This will be the final round.

(Sorry it is taking so long... Next Season changes will be made. The MINOR Leagues will last only 4 weeks after Season 13)


But onward we go.


2 Players left... sending out requests for games now.

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Ok... We are set!

It took 8 picks to get 3 matches.

TheActivionary picked Asteroids in the 2nd round... McCallister picked it in the 3rd round.

First Game: Asteroids (Game 16 A/)


The next Game was matched in pick 6.

McCallister pick Stratovox 4th... and TheActivisionary picked it 6th.

Second Game: Straovox


The next pick took us to the 8th pick.

And that game is The Smurfs: RIGC 

TheActivisionary picked it 4th... McCallister picked it 8th.


Good Luck to All... this is the final round.

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