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Who sells IIgs batteries?


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Where can I order a replacement memory backup battery for my IIgs? I understand mine is a time bomb rushing for it's last tick. There is only one eBay seller who has them, and he's too stupid to understand that the Post Office delivers to P.O. boxes.

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8 hours ago, DeathAdderSF said:

ReactiveMicro sells them. Assuming you have a ROM 3 IIgs, here's the relevant link in their store...


Battery: IIgs ROM3


If you have a ROM 0/1, they also sell a nifty battery caddy.

The battery caddy is a nice way to move the batteries off from the main board.

The 1/2 AA 3.6v can be a ticking bomb.

If any body had a red Maxell battery in their apple - toss it out now!

I used the Saft in the link, zeno and a purple and black one (I don't think is made any more).

Those seemed ok.

I've heard nothing but horror stories about the Maxells.

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These are standard 1/2AA 3.6 volt batteries.

You can get them almost anywhere.  Amazon, for instance has probably 10 different brands.


+1 for buying a battery holder and moving it off of the board.  Mine is attached to the top of the power supply with some two-sided tape.

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