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2022 Game Room Update (BVM's, Crosspoint, Server Rack, etc.)

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I'm new to this forum so thought I'd show some pictures of my little game room / den / office. Did some updates to it earlier this year – it's had a LOT of variation through time.


As always it's a work in progress – this current layout is still a stepping stone as I'm laying floor and painting this room sometime this century, but it's easy for me to work around these since both the Tanker Desk and the Server Rack are on casters/wheels (and the back of the rack has quick-disconnects for all the cables/wires running back and forth between the two).


CRT monitors are: Sony BVM-D20F1U, BVM-20F1U (use the two larger ones for dual-screen i.link lightgun games), PVM-14L5 in TATE for shmups, Sony Profeel KX-1211HG so I don't forget what a consumer set (albeit a high-end one w/ RGB) looks like.


Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers, and one of my custom fightsticks I've been working on lately (that one is modded to be 2.4GHz wireless).


Tablet on the left is running my Crosspoint CRT-C control project I made – I just press the logo of a console and it's displayed on the CRT's.






I'm not one to dedicate an entire HUGE room or basement to gaming... so I fit 17x systems in a mere 2 square feet of space by building UP in the server rack. 


OK... maybe I have gluttonous plans to add a single 80" wide bench for the CRT's (so I can claim back my desk for retro computer use... or maybe for a solder/tinkering station), but that would be absolutely it, I swear!






How I usually play since BVM's are meant to be used in a darkened room. Have to hook up my warm white LED backlights behind the CRT's again (works AWESOME for eye strain relief... and looks cool!).






FINALLY, after only a year wait the right size Ikea bookcase came back in stock (the top extension is still out of stock so can't make it look like a built-in quite yet though ;(


This is every game I own for older systems. Nothing crazy since I only bought ones I owned, rented, or played at friends houses growing up (some exceptions, but 95% of them are that). Everything else I want to play or test out I just load onto whichever console (all of which are modded).


The flatscreen on the left is a native 480p plasma (with RGB/Component/VGA inputs) on a movable stand. It's pretty great for 6th gen consoles like OG Xbox (def. not a CRT, but its larger 42" size is very nice).






Just a BVM in action with some scanlines (blanking lines).




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