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Best levels in Rikki & Vikki

Cousin Vinnie

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I was going to do an article on my site about my favorite, or at least the most clever levels in Rikki & Vikki, but as I play the game it seems like the metal cavern has the best screens by far. One thing I will say about this game, is that I’m impressed with the gameplay constantly progressing and surprises always being around the corner. The controllable avatars, Lazer defense systems, robot guards, the tube delivery system and Bobby’s music make that cavern so fun. I hate level M9… but that’s because I suck at the game. It’s probably the most genius board of the game. 

I’ll still figure something out pertaining to that article… but the Rock Cavern and the Bubble Cavern may be SOL on that top 10 list. 

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My favorite cavern is Bubble, though Metal gives it a run for its money.


I posted a complete (1 player) playthrough with every section round, intermission, and more, hyperlinked in the description field at the respective YouTube page


It's also listed in the spoiler below for convenience/curiosity:




Atari 7800 Rikki & Vikki

Complete playthrough of "Vikki Alone" game.  Hyperlinked timestamps to all sections are listed below. 


Title/Demo 0:00:08


Prologue 0:01:26


Rock Cavern
Level R0 0:02:35
Level R1 0:02:54
Level R2 0:03:09
Level R3 0:03:31
Level R4 0:03:57
Level R5 0:04:29
Level R6 0:05:14
Level R7 0:05:43
Level R8 0:06:47
Level R9 0:07:24
Level RB (Boss - Pneumatic Mole) 0:08:42


Dut Intermission 0:10:12


Sand Cavern 
Level S0 0:12:16
Level S1 0:14:04
Level S2 0:14:53
Level S3 (+ Direct Dutposit) 0:15:40
Level S4 0:18:08
Level S5 0:18:39
Level S6 0:19:24
Level S7 0:20:45
Level S8 0:21:58
Level S9 0:23:32
Level SB (Boss - Ghost Cat) 0:24:51


Dut Intermission 0:26:06


Flame Cavern
Level F0 0:26:45
Level F1 0:27:28
Level F2 0:28:16
Level F3 0:29:01
Level F4 0:30:17
Level F5 0:31:24
Level F6 0:32:28
Level F7 0:34:21
Level F8 0:35:38
Level F9 0:36:33
Level FB (Boss - Phoenix) 0:37:31


Dut Intermission 0:38:55


Bubble Cavern
Level B0 0:39:38
Level B1 0:40:04
Level B2 0:41:05
Level B3 0:42:12
Level B4 0:44:32
Level B5 0:46:40
Level B6 0:47:59
Level B7 0:50:31
Level B8 0:52:36
Level B9 0:53:25
Level BB (Boss - Boss Crab) 0:56:25


Dut Intermission 0:58:31


Metal Cavern
Level M0 0:59:18
Level M1 0:59:59
Level M2 1:01:12
Level M3 1:01:39
Level M4 1:02:52
Level M5 1:04:28
Level M6 1:06:38
Level M7 1:08:12
Level M8 1:11:20
Level M9 1:13:58
Level MB (Boss - TIFF-8) 1:15:54


Dut Intermission 1:17:39


Final/End Cavern (Misery Dragon's Lair)

Level EX 1:18:33 
Level EB (Boss - Misery The Inconvenient) 1:19:08


Epilogue 1:20:58


Don't forget about Dut's Discount Warps! Which reminds me, the Irregular Cavern is pretty cool, though not coming close to my favorite award.

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3 minutes ago, Cousin Vinnie said:

Im surprised a pimp like you didnt burn through the game. I wonder how many actual Atarian's beat this on Original Hardware, especially with 2 playaz

I've not the patience nor time that I had as a child so no I've not really given this game the time needed. Honestly, it is that way with quite a few games these days LOL! I can't tell you how many modern games I've gotten about 50 - 75% of the way through them and then moved onto something else.


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13 minutes ago, Cousin Vinnie said:

Im surprised a pimp like you didnt burn through the game. I wonder how many actual Atarian's beat this on Original Hardware, especially with 2 playaz

My sons reached the end with two players.     They couldn’t believe this type of game could run on the 7800 and it hooked them.


With only one life, you need to dedicate quite a bit of time, more than I have these days as well.  I do plan on getting back to it.

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On 4/29/2022 at 4:23 PM, Cousin Vinnie said:

I just beat the game... and now I have to figure out how to get to the warp zone. Not killing any bunnies seems like a trick.

It is easy to do if you can complete the game you have the skills. 


2p mode is designed to create fights at home so I only play 1p on this game of frustration. 


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On 4/29/2022 at 8:10 PM, gilsaluki said:

Man, I need to fire up that game.  Still in the box, unused.  

TBH, I didn't touch this game for a very long time... until readers of my site were like- Why are you avoiding this game? You mention it in articles and lists but you've never reviewed it. Does it suck? 

I think I was partially saving it... maybe partially intimidated by it. It's not a game I would normally buy... but man. It's so good, glad I got into it. Tear it open bro... you need to play it. It is the best game for the system. (Just don't tear it open... carefully remove the contents)  

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I really enjoy this game too. Alas, I wasn't able to get the 7800 version, but I did by the PC version from the creators. It's a shame they lost money on it, as it is an amazing game (and one where you've got to spend a lot of time to get through it unless you are the Superman/Wonder Woman of video games... which means you get your money's worth of playtime!).

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