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Trouble Running Images -GOTEK ATARI 520ST-

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Hi all I have an Atari 520ST the early model with no internal floppy drive. Running Flashfloppy on a GOTEK and using dominotrees interface:






I have flashed a GOTEK with the latest flashfloppy firmware and got the atari to recognize it and loads into autoboot mode:





Here is what my USB drive looks like:






I cant get .st (or.stx) images to run at all, I tried dark side of the spoon which is a .HFE and the sound comes through but no picture, this is what it looks like:




also trying lemmings 2, the HFE file seems to load for a fraction of a second and screen goes black, no sound.


The monitor as far as I know works fine as shown with the screenshot of the file select screen.


Any idea what's happening, can you tell from the pics if I'm doing something incorrectly?


Any Help will be much appreciated, I'm new to the ST scene and working with a gotek.






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I would use an emulator like SteemSSE and see if the images work there with it set the same as your machine.


You could also try loading an image without the Autoboot/HFE installed and selecting the image using the buttons on the Gotek.


Personally I would also rename some of the files to make them a bit more readable :)


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