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Need Help with Maze Generation

Erik Zimmermann

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i would like make a game with random Maze like Maze Craze.

On the website https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Maze_generation or https://medium.com/codex/random-maze-from-entombed-8bb3b34e8f9b
you can find some information about the calculation. It's a bit too complicated for me to implement this on batari. 

Who can help us to implement an example in Batari. The implementation then serves as a template for everyone.

The solutions are 40 years old.



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I started to implement what you asked for, but it's really buggy and doesn't work yet, which I'm sure at least partially is because of the terribly wrong way I was doing the bitmasking and limits. I attached a screenshot of example output. Let me know if anyone has suggestions or would like to hack on it some. I'll look at it more later.




maze2.bas maze2.bas.bin

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