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ST Monitor Plug Problem

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I was trying resolve an issue with a GOEX I purchased that won't seem to work (in contact with the manufacturer)

I was swapping between my STE and STM, I pulled the plug from the STE (Mono->VGA) I made myself, when I

plugged in to the STM, no picture, odd, I thought, it was trying to boot, swapped back to the STE and again no picture.


On close inspection of the monitor plug, one pins was missing, I looked into the STE port and could see the snapped

off pin, no chance of getting it out.


I have replacement sockets and could see from the location if I could push the pin through it could not drop out onto the circuit board,

I also have replacement plugs and gently pushed one in, luckily it did push the pin out and all is working.


The reason for the post:- BEWARE Ebay plugs that look like they are fit for purpose, I have all my original monitor

leads from the 90's that I used on my colour monitor and also my Hi-Res Atari mono monitor and they are still ok

after many years of use(and abuse :) ), this thing has only been used a couple of dozen times.?


I would link the item, but I did buy it some time ago and it no longer shows in my purchase history

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