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Game Idea: On the Ball


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I call it "On the Ball". In the game, you play as Mikey, a guy in the year 2087, and one of his fav sports is called On the Ball. The object of On the Ball is to collect as many energy spheres as you can before time runs out. You can play against a friend or a computer opponent. But, you must be careful not to fall over the edge of the field, or you'll lose 5 points. You have 5 minutes before the next round begins. I want ported to the 2600 (in true Trak-Ball mode, like Missile Command TB), the 5200 (you can use the standard 5200 controller or the Trak-Ball), and the 7800 (again, it will use true Trak-Ball mode). What do you think?

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Can you bump your opponent off the board? :evil:

Are there other objects/ememies that must be avoided?

Is the board static...or does it change for different levels?


1: Yes. :evil:

2: There are several obstacles, including fences that can bounce you back.

3: In the 1st 3 levels, the field will be static, but it will do things like constantly changing colors and spinning around.

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Level 6 ("Get the Gems") of Marble Craze is similar to that. You have to get all the gems in the level and open the exit before the time runs out (and without falling off the edge). And in two player mode, when one player gets a gem, that gem dissapears from the other player's board. So whoever is quickest gets the most points.



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