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Am I the only one who hates Gradius?

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7 hours ago, Cobra Kai said:

Doesn't matter, necro-bumping isn't forbidden here. The mods don't mind at all as long as the topic continues 'on-topic'. I like to revisit old threads from time to time, nothing wrong with it at all.






... nah, really don't.  But just a curiosity is all.



Back to Gradius --- played part 5 for quite a bit this evening and its still as amazing as I remembered. I'm guessing when I picked it up nearly 20 years ago (damn!) the name "Treasure" didn't mean anything to me.  Now, though, I see that and it makes sense why it turned out so great.

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I like this game but it is frustratingly hard to play. You always end up dead in the middle of a stage without your power-ups, trying to get back all your upgrades before the boss fight. One simply just have to use the reset button more. Extra lives has no meaning in this game.

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