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PRIVATE MESSAGE SCAM ALERT - don't fall for "Leoliam" or email drextimmy at gmail


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Would it be possible to tag any PM from a user with little forum activity with a header that includes warnings regarding using PayPal F&F or other common phishing/fraud behaviors.

Sort of how many corporate emails have footers automatically added to emails that say “…this is private correspondence. If you are not the intended recipient…

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im not sure about invision or how systems work in 2022, when I was doing content / community management sites 15-20 years ago at best you added a header or footer to every PM, at worst you were seeking or writing custom code 


otherwise you put a post quota on new users and place a sticky to email the admin for legit early PM access, and the yahoo's would just randomly post on dead thread's "oh that's so awesome" or "thanks for sharing I did not know that" or whatever to bypass the quota, hopefully someone noticed and reported but usually on post X where PM's unlocked "HEY YOU LIKE KOREAN GIRLS" to every account ever made


forum software is leaps and bounds from where I started off at in 2000, but they are still pretty much the same, not impossible but as the admin /owner of a site you want to strongly believe the best in your community, not make new people feel unwelcome, and and error on the side of grace ... then balance it with reality, capability, and support from the maker's / users of the software you are using 

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