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Tact Trek/Stellar Track


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After reading the discussion about Activision 5200 ports of 2600 being/not being lazy, it got me thinking about games that could have used a keyboard along with the joystick.  One obvious one to me was the old Stellar Track game from Sears Tele-Games.  That would be a straightforward conversion to the 5200 that could use the keyboard sort of like Star Raiders.  But once I started Googling it I came across a game I'd never heard of, Tact Trek (Trek 73)?




This was available through the APX mail order?  I remember getting that catalog but I don't remember that game, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have bought it.  But it was obviously a conversion of the old Star Trek III/Super Star Trek game -



I guess I'm wondering if there was ever an attempt to convert it to the 5200.  Not because it's a rousing space combat game, it's more a boardgame than anything else, but the code seems to be everywhere (never had a licensing restriction as far as that video tells it) at least in BASIC and it seems to be made for the 5200's keypad.  I always loved playing Stellar Track as a kid, static as it was.


The biggest APX game I remember was Eastern Front 1942, which also would really benefit from the 5200 keypad.  And a lot of accounting and word processing programs (hahaha, makes me think of the programs in the "Tron" movie).  Has anyone ever played that Tact Trek game?  I assume it's at least as good as Stellar Track since it's a more complete version of the Star Trek game than Stellar Track is.

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You know...I've always wanted to play something that has the strategy of NetTrek (which Stellar Trak is sorta based on) and the combat gameplay of Star Trel: S.O.S. 


In other words, pick a sector to warp to but fight Klingons in real time aka Star Raiders.

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