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In Development: A New ADAM Computer System Quick Preview Inside


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Dear retro lovers;
All my life I have lived primarily for my computer, in my hobby and my business life.
The ADAM+ is a dream come true for me and I don't want to focus only on one system,
the concept has made me think deeply about what the possibilities could be.
It's endless with the concept I'm currently working out.
So next year I will go much further.
Is the AMIGA and AMSTRAD, for example, possible, yes of course and even more,
I will also work on supporting hardware devices. So in other words, our ADAM+ is going to become an all-rounder.
Not just an emulator but a real dream machine.

Don't be afraid, ADAM will be on the first place, it's just to mention that this not ends
but be a platform will be for so much more!
Take a look at http://adam-plus.com for more info



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ADAM UPDATE 2022-10-09;
Just a quick update, we got some really bad news from Latte Panda, these Intel based high power boards are very hard to get and the prices are going up sharply. Of course we didn't sit still and diligently search for an alternative, it turns out that there aren't many X86 boards with these specs and at a reasonable price, so we started doing some experiments on the ARM based boards, we finally came up with a very powerful board, even more powerful than our latte panda with much less power consumption, 6 cores and very compact. For this board we now create the kernel with the necessary drivers. With this we hope to make our ADAM+ system even more powerful and to guarantee that these single board computers can be delivered quickly and at a very attractive price.
I will keep you informed about the new developments surrounding this development.


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It's all the same except there is a extra composite output on this board. This is good new for all that want to attach a analog monitor with composite on it.
The board has 6 cores and his passmark will be more powerful than the lattepanda delta 432 board.
Emulation for the more powerful consoles will be possible with this board. (psp/N64/dreamcast/dophine)

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ADAM+ UPDATE, Today we ran into some limits when working with the arduino and teensy boards,

we decided to improve some of the possibilities and started experimenting with another great processor champion.

We really try to get the most out of it so that we can come up with a fantastic product.


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