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Custom Data Chip combined patent image


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For an ongoing project I needed a better picture of the data chips internals (from the patents). Therefore I combined all the parts with the correct position and rotation. It is still not 100% perfect but at least for my use case better than what was available so far. Maybe someone else have use for it, too.  

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For some reason this topic needed approval.  It has now been approved.  This image looks like it took a LOT of work.  The picture that was uploaded is basically a thumbnail; the file is less than 1MB.  Can you upload an image in a higher resolution?



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You're probably right about the reason I needed to approve your post is because you are a new member here at AtariAge.  Welcome!


I took a quick look at this PNG and it looks MUCH better; it's readable.  I do recall that someone did what you're doing once before, but I can't remember where I saw that posted.  This was several years ago.



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