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What happened to the community project posts for Atari/Legend flashback?

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I got both and enjoyed the benefits of both projects. I dont check the updates that often since I don't really play them alot since I also got the newer legends core system.

But I just realized that both posts are no longer here. Is there another place I could find the latest updates?


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The posts got taken down because the download packs contained console ROMs.  If the download packs had contained only the LFB system files without all the console ROMs, everything would've been OK.


The only surprising thing is how long it took the forum moderators to discover that these download packs contained a bunch of console ROMs!



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I was hoping Al or a mod would give more details, but here is my side of the story since I was unwillingly involved with it; I don't know anything about that project though.


The guy behind that project, Slikatel, was discussing the Dreamcast with me and other members, and he started to get contemptuous and arrogant towards us, so I tried to (subtly) call him out for trolling. But it made him inexplicably mad, and he insulted me in a very rude way (xenophobic and homophobic slurs...), then sent me 3 PM (I only reported the third one, the worst) to insult me further. ? And I found out he also mentioned me in a post in a topic about one of his projects, in which:

  • he revealed being someone (Draxxon) who had been banned from AA before (and from other places according to what I've been told), which is of course against the rules of AA to begin with.
  • he said he was done with AA and was leaving (probably knowing he would get banned again anyway).
  • he insulted me again and other members that, according to him, don't do anything and just comment here (I guess he didn't know I'm running a French retrogaming website on which I cover homebrew extensively, but whatever), in a very offensive way.
  • he concluded that we should do these projects ourselves. ?

Now it's just a guess but, given his excessive reaction, he may have been already on the verge to stop these projects and was just waiting for an excuse (my attack on a completely unrelated subject) to leave.

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