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Black ops Cold War never needed puzzles

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They ruin the flow of the game. I get that Red Circus and Operation Chaos are optional and to some extent, I enjoy them. What I do NOT enjoy however is having to put my (Abysmal) math skills to the test in order to solve an optional puzzle that has barely anything to do with the game outside of changing the ending. Maybe the good people at Activision need to read on OCD and how it affects gamers to certain degrees. I have yet to beat the game at all because this BS of a puzzle stands in my way. I can't get past it and my OCD won't let me ignore it. Do you know what it feels like to go without sleep for 48 hours? I do. It screws with you. Worst case scenario: my brain disconnects from reality and I just drift off to somewhere else. The console keeps running but I don't register it. Oh and the codes are random. Randomized codes that you are given no help on. Maybe I do want the game to hold my hand from time to time, but NO! 


COD is a war game. It was never meant to be realistic and adding in stupid math and logic based puzzles is such a boneheaded move. Honestly, I'll play Vanguard again before I touch CW.


So disappointed and so very, very angry.


I'd rather Jump into a volcano

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I wonder whoever decided that math-based puzzles are "fun" in any context? Was that idea ever play-tested?


My awesome HS Math teacher loved the subject, but even she did not go so far as to say that it was fun. 

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