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[WIP] Monthra I

Fort Apocalypse

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Note: This is the first part of a four game series about a future tech giant called Monthra. It started as this example attempt at maze-generating code, which was rudimentary, but fast enough I thought I could make a game about re-generating the maze mid-game.


Game story:


You're a servant of Monthra and the year is 3636 AD.


Nareening down the fallway in your I, you spy a blue light coming from under a newly-generated door in the wall. Curious, you open the door and find a box with a stick and a button on it, glowing blue. You press the button and immediately are surrounded by a maze. You press the button again and the maze changes and a cheetah suddenly appears licking a lollipop. The cheetah welcomes you to the Abyssmal.


Relevant History:


In 3600 AD, Monthra created the Monthra Allusian Zenophasic Elusidoor (or M.A.Z.E. for short)- a device that could spawn new universes very similar to our own and allow the user to travel to them.


Shortly after the final prototype was being tested, an unexpected surge thrust the Monthra facility containing the prototype into a myriad of dimensional hyperspace. It had not been seen since and was forgotten about, until now.


How to play:


At the title screen, use the select switch on the Monthricon to go into a color selection screen where you can use the joystick. Choose the colors, if you wish, then click fire or reset to start.


Move through the Abyssmal to the upper right to proceed to the next level. If you want to change things, press the button. Don't get poked by the lollipop licking cheetah. You must make it to level 47 to stop the M.A.Z.E. and to rescue yourself and the cheetah.


The difficulty switches enable sensors that can zap the player.


Watch out for cheetah hyperjumps!

Every 5th area is special within the Abyssmal. You can't affect it's composition with the Montricon, however, you must use the button in those areas to relieve the Monthricon so that it won't explode.


On all other levels, if you take too long to find the exist, the area will disintegrate leaving you and the cheetah in the void of hyperspace.


Good luck! You'll need it!







monthra_i_1.0.bas monthra_i_1.0.bas.bin

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Work partially completed:

Title screen and sound

Adjust the Monthricon with the Select button.

Pacing Cheetah in evolving maze environment.


To do:

Revise spacetime with the Reset button.

Tweak sensors with the difficulty switches.

Figure out the gameplay!




monthra_0.1.bas monthra_0.1.bas.bin

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Work completed:

Upgraded Monthricon to support color selection with the Select button.

More cheetah movement in evolving maze environment.

Spacetime revised with the Reset button.

Sensors tweaked with difficulty switches.

Collisions, death, and win at level 47.

Basic gameplay implementation to reach upper right-hand of screen.

Use button to change maze with rebound.


To do:

Fix bug with score.

Fix bug to allow cheetah copies.

Fix other bugs.

Clean-up variables.

Get feedback and revise gameplay.

Improve sounds.

What else?


monthra_0.2.bas monthra_0.2.bas.bin



mothra i 0.2 - m.a.z.e. 1.png

mothra i 0.2 - select.png

mothra i 0.2 - title.png

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Work completed:

Added "boss maps" on levels 5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45. The map is the boss for now; you can't change it.

Fixed bug with score. Can't go backwards.

Made color selection mode work via joystick.

Cleaned up color selection mode and changed soiunds.

Title color changes.

Changed wall bounce and ability to go through walls sometimes.


To do:

Clean-up variables.

Get feedback and revise gameplay.

Improve sounds.

Fix level display.

What else?


Decided to not do:

Allow cheetah copies - it's difficult to win already.



monthra_0.3.bas monthra_0.3.bas.bin

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