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Intellivision HSC Season 16 - Game 16 - Worm Whomper (Season Finale - PART 2)

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2 hours ago, Rickster8 said:

Wait a minute. Did you just say the side buttons on the Inty II are easier to press than the usual Inty controller on a 2609??? Dude I recently got an Inty II and the side buttons on those controllers are like pushing against CEMENT!!!!! They don't move AT ALL!!! I can't even push them in once... I'd have to be Lou Friggin Ferigno to move them even once. Maybe it's just this one set I have, but they are HORRIBLE!!!! I switched them out for Flashback controllers....... HUZZAH!!!!! :P 

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're good controllers, but the side buttons seem to work a bit like the inty 2 number pad in that they don't have any give but they also don't need to be pressed hard or even 'pushed in' per se. They feel like they respond to simple pressure. They don't offer any user feedback - no nice click feeling to let you know you fired - but easier to hold down for long periods of time. Not that useful for most games but actually helpful for Worm Whomper!

Of course I only know how my inty 2 controller seems to respond. Can't speak to how yours works if course! :)

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My Worm Whomper Update: Did a few thousand points more. Seems to be it for me. I had a nice run going in this game and then a white moth laid an egg right smack in front of my very last corn stalk.... ??








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Quick Worm Whomper Update: ( Up to post #39 )



  308,920 - CParsley - [+5 Bonus Points]

  303,520 - IntyFanMatt - [+5 Bonus Points]

  258,810 - Rickster8 [+5 Bonus Points]

  104,593 - jimblargh [+2 Bonus Points]

    70,447 - Wolfy62 [+1 Bonus Point]

    65,354 - Player One [+1 Bonus Point]

    61,032 - Lupovax [+1 Bonus Point]



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Worm Whomper is a great game,and it has the strafing similarities while shooting like Dreadnaught Factor does,which is another great game,also by Activision. 

Both Intellivision classics!.


Ok,that's my last game! ?


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My Final Worm Whomper Update: Just had my best game ever. I even used up all my plough balls. SWEET!!!! ??








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