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Revisiting my time as Current Notes ST editor, back in 1994

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I only wrote a couple of articles for Current Notes but voraciously read

every single issue I could get my hands on and thoroughly enjoyed

following just about anyone involved with Current Notes. Thanks for

the link/story!  :)


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Thanks for posting. Current Notes was one of my favorite Atari magazines and I was sad when they stopped publishing.


I noticed your recent article on Archimedes Spiral published in Analog #7 in 1982. This program required nearly 3 hours to run on the Atari 400/800. I typed this program into my newly built PicoMiteVGA computer, a DIY computer based on the $4 Raspberry Pi Pico. The PicoMiteVGA finished the program in 7.8 seconds!

The computer costs a total of $25 to build, including the custom PCB - link here https://geoffg.net/picomitevga.html

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Thanks for posting a link to your blog!  I've read CN during the ST's twilght years of '93 to '95 when it was sold at a (former) Atari dealer who also carried imported British ST magazines.


I still read scanned issues of CN off Archive.org on my tablet since my eye sight's now shot but it's still fun to look back when it was still fun to use Atari computers even if not for gaming.


Also liked reading about your experiences with the 8-bits, can't wait to hear more about the CN days...


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