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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 15_ROUND 9 - Pinball Fantasies

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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 15__ROUND 9 - Pinball Fantasies


(Round Over Sunday June 5th 11:59pm EST, 6/05/2022) 






Pinball Fantasies 


Start a game of Pinball Fantasies and select the Partyland table, play until out of continues.  Post your highest score. 


If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 


Jaguar HSC Season 15 Rules Regs and Scoring - Jaguar High Score Club - AtariAge Forums



Link to manual:


AtariAge - Atari Jaguar Manuals - Pinball Fantasies (21st Century Entertainment)


High Score Record:  Party Land: Save2600 - 102,737,980


**The High Score records show no records for the Billion Dollar Game Show or Speed Devils tables, but I KNOW we have played them, 1 bonus point for each table to whoever can provide me with a link to the past seasons high scores for these tables.  Thanks in advance!**


Pinball Fantasies High Scores:


1. masematte            40,851,130. +10

2. doctor_shred         29,223,510.  +8

3. Machine                24,144,350.  +6

4. doctor_shred         16,109,480.  +4

5. jblenkle                   1,469,440.  +2

6. Rick Dangerous        1,274,820.  +1












The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Machine                            61

2. masematte                        51

3. doctor_shred                     48

4. Wilcol                               43

5. Hyper_Eye                        23

6. LianneJaguar64                 19

7. Rick Dangerous                 14

8. tripled79                            9

9. jgkspsx                              7

10. Cobra Kai                         6

11. jblenkle                            4 

12. Darrin9999                       3 

13. cubanismo                        2    

13. doctorclu                          2

14. Iwantgames:)                   1        

14. roadrunner                       1



Please post any corrections and tag me in the post. 

Edited by Rick Dangerous
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Good round guys; some amazing scores! Congrats to @masematte on the win!  Thanks for your patience; i'm in a hotel in SC right now waiting to move into my new home this Friday...where i'll be camping for a week until my furniture gets in. 


Anywho; will get the next round up shortly! 

Edited by Rick Dangerous
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