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Harmony Just A Black Screen With Lines


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Not sure if this is a tired topic, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forums. I just spent months of spare time going through all the homebrews and little games to get rid of the duds and keep the gems, then the cartridge stopped working. Cleaned the Atari and the cartridge connectors, erased the sd card and reloaded it, and nothing. Just wondering if this is just a broken cart and how to get it going again. Most all of my carts work on my 2600, but the few that don't (mostly Activision) do the same thing this Harmony cart is doing. Sure do miss some of those Harmony games, especially Ball Crip. We went on a trip and I had to bring about 30 cartridges because the Harmony was down. If anyone out there could give me some guidance it would be much appreciated . . . .


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I thought that it might be the console. Thing is, most of my games play just fine. I will look up how to flash with the BIOS. I know it used to be done with a cord/cable but now can be done just with the SD card. I guess I'll be looking at how to clean and restore the console too. Thank you for responding!


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If you turned off your Atari while the Harmony was in the middle of loading a game, that can corrupt the BIOS on the Harmony cart.  That happened to me recently.  I don't recall if I just got a black screen or what, but I had to use the cable method to reprogram the BIOS.  That revived mine. 

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