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Series S/X games versus One S/X games


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I bought the One S standard version of NBA 2K22 a few months ago at Best Buy on disc on sale for $20. I played it on my Xbox Series X. 


Last week, I noticed they added the Series S/X version of NBA 2K22 on Game Pass which I have (All Access bundle). It's different than the One S/X version -- better graphics and more details like pre-game stuff added. I guess the game co's will continue to make various versions -- one for One S/X and one for Series S/X for a while until the One S/X is retired in a couple years. Probably the S versus X in each generation of console is a change of resolution/frame rate only?

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While I cant say for sure on that game, I can tell you that on some games, you can buy an updated version for Series X for cheaper than the full game in the MS store. As in, if you already owned the game on the XB1, you can download the Series X version for a portion of the full price. I did this with one of the CoD games and another game which I forget off hand. It was only 10 bucks more to unlock the full Series X version.


As far as differences, yeah, on CoD there was improved HDR lighting and frame rate. While playing the fighting game Dead or Alive 6, not only was the framerate improved, much smoother, but much better graphical enhancements as well. The Dolbyvision feature on my tv kicked in and the game looks much better than on XB1. 

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It depends on the publisher...


Some will sell the Xbox One version and when on a Series X it'll download the extra stuff like 4k textures.  That's called Smart Delievery.


And then others, like EA, will just create a new remastered version from scratch which only runs on the Series X.

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