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OS 3.2.1, which USB/DB9 adapter for mousewheel?


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I just did a fresh install of OS 3.2.1 on SD card for my new A1200, using WinUAE.

See this video (german).


In WinUAE mousewheel works fine, even if "Scroll Wheel Enabled" in IControl isn't checked.


But on my Amiga 1200 I couldn't get the wheel to work, using a mouSTer adapter.

Tried several mice, like Logitech M500, MX518 or MS Intellimouse Optical.


Does somebody know which USB/DB9 adapter has wheel support? Or is there a hidden option in OS 3.2.1, which I hadn't found so far? ?

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Just to clarify, the OS support means that mousewheel events are recognised by the OS. You still need a driver to generate those events from funky hardware, since the hardware itself doesn't natively support the scrollwheel and there isn't a standard implementation that covers all hardware. WinUAE provides the scrollwheel events directly, which is why you don't need a driver there. While almost all PS/2 adaptors (including USB in PS/2 mode) support the scrollwheel and have done for decades, not many HID USB adaptors support it. I can't see any mention of scrollwheel support on the mouSTer, so that's probably your problem. No driver will fix the problem if the hardware simply doesn't support it.

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On 5/16/2022 at 1:27 PM, TPAU65 said:

Oh, I see. So something like NetUSBee for Atari ST.

It looks like NetUSBee's equivalent for Amiga would be something like the XSurf 100, which is a 100Mbps network card and USB interface via the RapidRoad module.  You need a USB stack to run the hardware, such as Poseidon or ANAIIS.


On 5/16/2022 at 1:27 PM, TPAU65 said:

So that is meant by "mousewheel support" of OS 3.2.

Per @Daedalus2097, the operating system needs to get the mouse events, which for a USB mouse would be handled by the USB stack, then the driver (FreeWheel) for the special features of the mouse (middle-click, mouse wheel, &c.)


On 5/16/2022 at 1:27 PM, TPAU65 said:

I will try FreeWheel with my USB/DB9 adapter.

So, then, you are not using a USB card, but a USB-to-Amiga Mouse adapter, correct?  In that case, I believe the FreeWheel drive will work fine with no additional software as I was using it with my Cocolino, a PS/2-to-Amiga Mouse adapter. -- EDIT: Though, as also per @Daedalus2097, the adapter may not translate the wheel to the Amiga from USB.  The Cocolino (PS/2) does.

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