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Worst NES game you got for Christmas or your birthday

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15 minutes ago, Shawn said:

"Worst this" and "hate that" over and over. Why are all your topics in this forum rooted so heavily in and on negativity? Perhaps it's time for a new hobby.

You noticed too, huh?  I asked that in one of the many other "negative" threads and the answer was basically "was traumatized by bad memories of games as a kid" or something.  So basically sounded like a "misery loves company" sort of thing.  Ya know... I HATE this game, you guys hate it too?!?! to make me feel justified in "it's not me, it's the game's fault"


4 minutes ago, CapitanClassic said:

It’s all how you frame it, he wants to know the best bad games. People love talking about ET and PAC-man for 2600 or watching Mystery Theatre 3000.


Maybe, but I don't think I've ever seen an indication that he's looking for the best of anything in these hate/worst of type of threads.  

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