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ColecoDS v7.2 Released - A handheld Coleco/ADAM/MSX1/SG-1000 Emulator for the NDS


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I've just released version 7.2 of ColecoDS** - a handheld Coleco/ADAM emulator for the Nintendo DS/DSi. 






The emulator is buttery smooth - games play as you remember them and the compatibility is very high. 



  • Colecovision game support (.rom or .col files). Requires coleco.rom BIOS.
  • Super Game Module support including AY sound chip.
  • Megacart Bankswitching support (up to 512K).
  • Coleco ADAM game support (.ddp or .dsk files). Requires eos.rom and writer.rom
  • Sega SG-1000 game support (.sg roms)
  • Sega SC-3000 game support (.sc roms)
  • Sord M5 game support (.m5 roms) - requires sordm5.rom BIOS
  • MSX1 game support (.msx or .rom or.cas) up to 512K
  • Spectravideo SVI support (.cas) - requires svi.rom BIOS
  • Casio PV-2000 support (.pv roms) - requires pv2000.rom BIOS
  • Hanimex Pencil II support (.pen roms) - requires pencil2.rom BIOS
  • Tatung Einstein support (.com run-time files only) - requires einstein.rom BIOS
  • Memotech MTX game support (.mtx or .run) - single loader games only.
  • Creativision game support (.cv) - requires bioscv.rom BIOS
  • Full Controller button mapping and touch-screen input.
  • High-Score support - 10 scores per game.
  • Save/Load Game State (one slot).
  • Video Blend Mode (see below) and Vertical Sync.
  • LCD Screen Swap (press and hold L+R+X during gameplay).
  • Overlay support for the few games that need them.
  • Super Action Controller, Spinner and Roller Controller (Trackball) mapping.
  • Full speed, full sound and full frame-rate even on older hardware.


The system supports almost all of the Z80/TMS99x8/SN/AY systems that were all close cousins in terms of specifications. More than 1000 Coleco and Coleco-like games are playable on this emulator.


Each game can be custom configured with settings of your choosing - key maps, screen rendering options, etc.


The DS/DSi screen resolution is exactly 256x192 - the same as the output from the TMS99x8 video chip. This means the games are pixel-perfect fits to the screen with no compression or stretching needed.




Custom overlays for the games that need them plus an ADAM keyboard to help complete the experience.


The emulator will run on a stock DS-LITE/PHAT unit with a flash cart but it's highly recommended you obtain a DSi (preferably the XL model with slower screen refresh which more closely simulates the "phosphor holding" effect of a TV). The DSi has twice the CPU power and 4x the memory - plus an SD card slot so loading up the emulator/games is fairly trivial. 


I hope this emulator is of value to the retro community. Enjoy!


**Special thanks to Alekmaul who wrote the initial version which I started with and to Marat for his tireless contributions to ColEM which is the basis for this emulator. 

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