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Link 2 7800s together?


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On 5/20/2022 at 7:50 AM, Synthpopalooza said:

There's also 4 port adapters too.

Are you referring to MultiJoys? Because those certainly do not connect to the Expansion Port.


Joystick Port #2 has bandwidth to accomplish this task. After all, the 7800 Keyboard plugged into it and its proprietary chip could handle keyboard input, a daisy-chained joystick, and also connect up to SIO Port devices. Curt* said he didn't have the resources to reverse-engineer it, which is why he pushed for using a PIA and a POKEY to handle SIO via the XM.


Theoretically, if one were so inclined, one could design a PCB with a modern [WDC] 6551 - if they wanted to remain period-authentic - [or use a NOS Synertek, Rockwell, NCR, etc 6551 from BITD - which could implement RS232 and thus do null modem connections.  



*Curt also speculated Atari Corp might've tentatively planned to design an adapter cable for Joystick Port #2 to connect the 7800 to a MIDI Adapter to make MIDI Maze 7800 possible [they had announced MIDI Maze for it before the 7800 and all other legacy Atari platforms were cancelled in 1992 to focus on the Jaguar]. He didn't have any concrete proof of it though.

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