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STM-1 Mouse Back From the Dead

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I have an stm-1 which has been broken for about 20 years


after recently repairing an Amiga Tank mouse i thought id go back and have a look at it


its the single board model with yellow mouse switches. with the sliding ball door rather than the twist

Serial begins XB1


anyway Mouse would go up and left ok, but when going right it would move pointer left and when going down it would move pointer up also



when i opened it up it looked very similar to my Amiga tank mouse inside.


suspected it was a phototransistor issue with at least 2 of them.


Hunted around and coudlnt find any mention of replacement parts for the atari mouse, but



i had some OSRAM LPT80A phototransistors so i replaced all 4 (the ones on the outside of the board under the black cover (these are the standard amiga mouse repair photransistors).


LPT 80A ams OSRAM, 70 ° IR + Visible Light Phototransistor, Through Hole 2-Pin Side Looker package | RS Components (rs-online.com)


installed and all working as per 1989...




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