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Season 20 Round 11 - Tiger-Heli


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The good: power-ups, bonus points, music, recovering bombs after death


The bad: movement could be faster, feels stiff


The ugly: flashing projectiles and helicopter blades + certain terrain make it hard to see and make many deaths a surprise


Eager to do better regardless. 


Tiger-Heli - 41,850


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I increased my score slightly to 166,700.  I was going for 200k, but I didn't get there.  The after-market power supply I was using for my daily driver died this week, so I went to the pile o' power supplies I have and found another 9v supply that matched the specs and fit the power port.  It worked for a while but stopped mid-game and won't start again.  Uh oh.  It could be my PowerPak is dead or it could be something fried on the NES itself.  Bummer.



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