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About the CDI compression


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So I got a real Dreamcast again few months ago, after many years break. I had been kinda meaning to get GDEMU for it, but then got distracted with some other gear and now its prices went substantially up on Ali (40 - 130 USD?) - must be something to do with the chip shortage,  I guess.


So I guess for now I'll be stuck with burning discs, but am not really sure how bad the flaws of this method really are? I'm mostly wooried about in-game quality losses, as in textures or maybe something else, dunno. Is taht a thing? Lossy cutscenes or audio wouldn't bother me that much.

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I don't recall there being any deficiencies to in-game assets like textures. Pretty sure it was mainly FMV that was compressed down. I would be interested to hear what others have to say, because I used original discs for so long and only recently started using burns (I am in the opposite boat, where I had a GDEmu but it just didn't function right for me half the time, regardless of the image type I used). Burns are working fine for me now.

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