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Best memory stick for a PSP?

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31 minutes ago, guitarmas said:

If I decided not to jailbreak it, what size should I go for?

     If you're not going to jailbreak or buy digital games (is this even still a thing on PSP?) you wouldn't need a very big one at all for game saves.  Unless you're wanting to put MP3s and videos on your PSP.  In the times before smart phones that was a pretty amazing thing to do.  :)  I don't know what old memory sticks sell for these days, so maybe look for one in your budget? 


I would suggest jail-breaking to run games off of memory stick tho since they load faster and use less battery power.  Plus MicroSDs are huge in comparison.  I'm sure you could find a good guide to ripping your own games if you don't want to go full on piracy.  



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Been using the SanDisk memory stick pro duo sd card adapter(s) with 16GB and 32GB on my PSP's for quite sometime now.

I was lucky to snag 6 (inc. 1GB SanDisk SD-Card) of them from my local computer shop on a clearance sale quite a few years ago.

Don't use cheap no-name SD cards as they just cause problems.  Mine are using genuine SanDisk ones.  Tried a cheap one and ended up throwing it into the trash.


PSP3000 (OrigFW)

PSP1000 (CFW)


It's the PS-Vita that needs to be jailbroken to use the SD2Vita Adpaters.


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You can find NOS 1/2GB SanDisk branded cards on EBay.  I suggest getting a newer one over a used one due to the age and wear level.  It would be a bummer to lose your saves if the used one craters.


I recommend one of the following brands in NOS packaging:


SanDisk (licensed)

Lexar (licensed)

Sony (official)

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