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ST Power Supply replacements?

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Hi All!


I'm just curious -- the Atari 8-bit computers have a few 'bad' power supply models, and C= Amiga PSUs also don't age very well.  What's the situation with ST power supplies?


I have a 520STm, 1040STfm, and a Mega STE -- should I consider recapping or replacing any PSUs for these models?


(I may also some day collect a regular STE so I can use my Jaguar gamepads on the 'enhanced' ports...)



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I gave up on ever finding a U.S. STE and adopted/converted a U.K. model, so I had to replace the PSU. I used a Meanwell PSU purchased from Digi-Key for about $20 shipped. It works great and was fairly easy to install. The STM has an external PSU, right, so it would be a little harder to recap. I think you'd just have to completely replace that one if there were ever a problem. Machines with internal PSUs could either be replaced or recapped. As I said, since the voltage & frequency are different here in the U.S., I had to change out the PSU, but I probably would've anyway, just to get a newer, more efficient PSU, but that's just me. If the old one's seem to be working, you'd probably be just fine continuing with them as is.


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I have a 520STM with original "brick" PSU and one that comes with the external floppy drive, so far

both are still working fine.


My STE I have re-capped purely because the 5V was a little low (although in spec) as a precaution, but it

made no difference, so that's also fine.

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