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Yup! Yet another episode of the continuing story of whether Galaga will ever be worked on again.


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I'll tell you, the last time we heard anything about any updates on this sequel to Galaxian, designed and programmed by the great Paul Lay @playsoft 2 years ago was July of last year, I wonder if it will ever be worked on again, if it ever gets (even another build, one with collision detection at least) finished just how much more awesome will this be for Big Sexy, it would probably be one of the best in the bunch and knowing the quality of his work in the past (I mean look at what he did to Lennart Bown's @Thelen Yar's Strike for starters, making it a great game for the 5200, and also his work on his own homebrewed version of Scramble as well) I KNOW that this would probably be the most requested port to put on physical cart and probably be one of the best selling carts in the AA store.

Galaga.bin Galaga (Synthpop).bin Galaga (Jaden).bin

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Wait for 10 years - and maybe something will appear between now and then...

Or will it be 5 years?

But what do I know?  I know nothing.... (Quote from Hogan's Heroes).

To my knowledge (which is nothing) no one is working on this.


It will take a great deal of time and expertise to bring a WIP towards completion of this iconic game.

We do know that it is possible ... whereas before it was just a hopeful guess that it was possible somehow...



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