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BootIntro Demos


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I saw on Pouet massive upload Jag intros.


Great and thanks for the source code.



somewhere on your GIT I saw that your code differs between M and K. What's the source of that? The difference in the BIOS or in the hardware?


Would be possible to adopt your code for the Skunk? Or maybe would be better to somehow modify Skunk FW for your code


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the boot intro replace the normal boot header, therefore they only work if normal booted which does not work with skunk.

The difference between M and K is software. In order to have only one 'framebuffer' I need to patch the BIOS code which in runs in RAM. The patching is different between those. Check out irqstub.S. 

In blobs_n_noise I have a small stub, which in a way helps to let the intros run loaded at $4000.



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