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5200 HSC Season 15 Round 11 - Popeye

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Welcome to the eleventh and final round of the 15th 5200 HSC season!  Popeye tied with Qix but won the coin toss.  Play using the default settings.  Emulation is fine, as are custom controls. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records.


The high score was set by Northcoastgamer with a score of 273,680 points.  Beat this if you can for a bonus point! 


The ROM can be found here:




Round ends Sunday, June 12th, 2022 @9pm EST



jeremiahjt - 48,540

jblenkle - 39,880

rubeon - 11,120

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Congratulations to jeremiahjt for boxing the most bullies, hoarding the most hearts, and slurping the most spinach.  

Final standings:

jeremiahjt - 48,540 +11

jblenkle - 39,880 +10

rubeon - 11,120 +9


And congratulations to rubeon on being the Season 15 Champion!  Let me know what the first five games of the next season’s poll should be.  

And speaking of next season… when would y’all like to have it start?  Participation is way down… do people need a break perhaps?  If so, a long or short one?  Anyone have suggestions for HSC improvements?  Or does someone perhaps want to try their hand at running this show?  Eager to hear your thoughts.  

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13 minutes ago, Cafeman said:

I haven't been able to join in, I moved houses which consumed my days, then got surgery on my hand. After it heals more I'll be getting surgery on the other hand, so not a lot of gaming going on. 

Sorry to hear you’ve needed so much surgery, but sure hope everything will be working great afterwards!  ?

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