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STNICCC 2000 remix for Jaguar (2nd and WIP)


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On 6/9/2022 at 3:58 AM, Seedy1812 said:

Next week I am on holiday ( well off to my mums as she having knee surgery ) so tempted to take my laptop and carry on working on it.

Hey Andrew, hope the knee surgery goes well for her.


I got some fun retro-tinker time in while staying with my wife in the hospital a year back.  

So go nuts with the laptop.  :P

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23 hours ago, Seedy1812 said:

The C source for the Jag Chris mentioned is at http://www.realtimerendering.com/resources/GraphicsGems/gems/DoubleLine.c

 Probably should explain myself better with this one.


I know it's not going to beat the specialized line drawing technique he ended up using. I was just wondering how it would do against the standard technique for general purpose.

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11 hours ago, 42bs said:

I guess it runs in TurboMode, right? Anyway, impressive for an Z80.

yes its running at 28 mhz


38 minutes ago, 42bs said:

Will you post more info (source)? You should also put it on Demozoo/pouet.

Eventually it will be on pouet but not until I get the audio done. The code will need tidying up as i can set defines so that its wireframe / filled polys and mono / colour . There is a load of test code in there and variations on things which would have to be cleaned up before I would even consider releasing the source

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