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Atari VCS used for MIDI

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37 minutes ago, zzip said:

Yes.   This midi file,  Africa by Toto sounds amazing when played on a properly working setup.   But when played through one of the cheap USB midi cables, it sounds horrible after just a few bars.    Also the same problem occurred no matter what OS I tried, so that's why I blame the cable and not a buggy Linux kernel.  Amazing how they could sell a product so obviously defective, but there you go :)

africa.mid 71.19 kB · 0 downloads

Nice, if I get home at a reasonable time tonight, I'll give it a shot.  Though now I can't help but think of Patton Oswalt...


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1 hour ago, zzip said:

yup, that sounds correct!    On the cheap cable it sounds like a mess.    So I'll grab one of these cables.

Yeah, as I said before the cheaper cable I bought literally would hang the boot up sequence of my computer, so I would have to only plug it in when in use.  The Roland cable has been worth the 50 bucks!

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