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PEB Use Poll - Do you use a PEB?


TI-99 PEB Usage in 2022  

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  1. 1. Do you own and use a PEB as your TI-99 expansion solution?

    • Yes, I own a PEB and regularly use the PEB for TI-99 expansion
    • Yes, I own a PEB, and some of the time use the PEB for TI-99 expansion
    • Sort of - I own a PEB, but only rarely use it as my TI-99 expansion
    • Sort of - I own a PEB, but don't use it any more for TI-99 expansion
    • No, I do not own a PEB

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I have four PEBs. Two were in regular use while the kids were home—last kid of seven left ~25 years ago. I have had one in more or less regular use until ten years ago or so. Since then, it has been mostly with nanoPEBs, when I use the TI at all—mostly for verification of fbForth cartridges and programs. These days I am constantly using Classic99 for all things TI-99/4A—mostly development or some programming challenge or other.



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My circa 1985 (close-out purchase) rocker switch PEB sat in the basement since 1993 or so. I took it out in January and found that someone (neither son will admit to it) disconnected all the 120V wires and connections. I posted a thread here for help getting it re-wired and finally figured it out. So I’m using that with my second (1985 purchase) beige console and all the cards (32K, TI disk controller and 2 half-height Panasonic drives, Cor-Comp Triple Tech w/ my original speech board, a Myarc RS232, and now a TIPI/PEB). Everything works great and I’m back using it regularly with a FinalGROM. I, too, love the massive PEB with its jet airplane sound.D93FACF7-5229-4C26-BAB2-7E6806726A67.thumb.jpeg.c10899b406ff18e70ba804b489426621.jpeg

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I have a damaged PEB (that was damaged by DHL not knowing how to properly handle a large package), that I have been fearful to turn on.


I should make a monolithic replacement plastic top for my PEB, now that I have a printer large enough to do that with.

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I have about half a dozen of them set up in various parts of my house, for TI-99/4A, Geneve 9640, SNUG 99/4P, and TI-99/8 systems. I use another one as part of my heavily-driven test system for use doing burn-in testing of boards that I assemble/repair.

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Rocker switch PEB with two half-height drives, a Myarc controller, RS-232 driving an Apple Imagewriter and a TIPI. 32k ram is built into the console, so my 32K card is retired. I replaced the fan in the PEB so it no longer sounds like a shop vac sitting on my desk. FinalGrom or SuperCart at the other end. I like the blinkenlights. 


I also have a NanoPEB but found getting files into and out of the thing too cumbersome. Now it is in full retirement due to the console having built-in RAM expansion.

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One PEB time-share - used for hardware repair, /4a testing, and Geneve OS development.  Still has the original fan aka warning device and white noise generator.  5 minutes of inactivity and I can be out like a light :) 

The other system is a mid-tower ATX case with the PEB backplane/cage guts inside; was my primary system at home and during TI Faire excursions, but has been running Heatwave for the past number of years.  I was going to put HW into the PEB until I realized it is much harder to swap hardware in/out at a 90 degree angle.

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I missed the heyday of the TI and its contemporaries by a couple of decades so my main PEB (older push-button style) is permanently set up, noisy fan and all. No modern amenities here! It's a basic 32K, RS-232, two disk drives setup, although it may get an HRD in the future to make E/A use a little more comfortable.


Also have a spare push-button PEB: cheap local pickup with 32K and disk controller, but missing the RS-232, flex, and drives. Sitting around in case I happen across a Geneve or an entire set of SNUG cards. I can dream ;)

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Try deoxitizing it... I've only had issues with my ti-99 internal ps switch in the past, never the PEB switch. Are you in high humidity or stored the PEB at some time in a humid area? I suspect the spring is oxidized.

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What if one modernized the PEB? I think that all cards can be made much smaller and all possible cards could have space within a smaller footprint. Or is it better to code it all into a Raspberry Pi? (if possible?)

If I understand correctly, there are some "half" substitutes for the PEB, or are there modern 100% substitutes for the PEB?

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