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Pac Man Museum Plus

Classic Pac

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As you might have guessed I am a huge Pac Man fan when I first heard about Pac Man Museum Plus I knew I had to get it. Currently Nintendo on their eShop is offering the game for $19.99 plus 5 figures for your arcade as a Bonus was a huge plus for me.


What you get


Pac Man

Super Pac Man

Pac & Pal

Pac Land

Pac Mania

Pac Attack

Pac In Time

Pac Man Arrangement (2 versions)

Pac Man Championship Edition

Pac Motos

Pac'N Roll Remix

Pac Man Battle Royale

Pac Man 256


What I have found so far have been games easy to unlock and a lot of titles frankly I never heard of before, namely Pac In Time and Pac Motos and a few like Pac'N Roll that are quite fun. Even getting your arcade the way you want is fun, and having the Ghosts from the games as customers is fun too. Overall a great title. I hope Namco does this again with the other Pac games such as Ms Pac and Prof Pac. 

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8 hours ago, Crazy Climber said:

I "almost" bought this yesterday at Target but decided not to because I own so many Namco collections already...

This one actually adds some cool and semi-exclusive stuff (unless you still have the Wii version of Namco Museum with Pac Motos etc). I have mostly passed up the mainline Namco collections lately but I got this one.

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I have over thirty-five hours in my copy I bought on release. :)  It does have its blemishes, but as an overall package I really really like it.  Pacman 256 is good dumb fun to play in the evening when im brain dead.


It's a shame that the XBox version was so poorly executed.  I tried it out on GamePass just to compare and it plays AWFUL compared to the Switch port.  (Input lag being the worst offender)

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3 hours ago, davidbrit2 said:

It's a great collection of games, but the complete lack of any DIP switch settings or options, or the ability to customize the controls is disappointing. It seems to play well enough, though.

I got it for Switch and overall, it is a good title for the price. The lack of dip switches however is inexcusable. Dip switches have been available in free emulators for over 20 years; there is absolutely no reason beyond laziness that they're not included here. The Steam version of Pac-man excludes you from online ranking if you change the settings from the default. Namco could have done the same thing in this title if they were worried about the leaderboards. 

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