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GOEX (Gotek) Display Rotation

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I finally got my GOEX problems resolved, it did turn out to be a faulty unit and the replacement turned up today and it works great.


However, I'm mounting it in an old external floppy case, reason being I have a 520 STM and a 520 STE so need it to be the boot drive for

both, I made the jumper changes in the STE so the external floppy is drive A: 


My problem is the display is upside down, there's a cut-out in the front of the GOEX to pass the display ribbon cable through, I can see if I

had put the GOEX inside the STE the display would be correct, however I don't want to put a twist in the ribbon.


I've had a look at FF.CFG and in the DISPLAY section it has the display-type as auto

If you want to rotate the display it says the -rotate flag only works with setting the display-type to oled-128xNN -rotate.


I have tried a few different options for the display-type and all I achieved was one of the lines having really tiny text, I

couldn't get it to rotate 180 degrees.


Anyone managed this either with a GOEX or Gotek as the Gotek uses the same FlashFloppy software

Any help appreciated

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It's OK, managed to fix it, silly mistake 

I typed display-type = oled-128x32 -rotate


instead of display-type = oled-128x32-rotate


no space needed after the 32 and -rotate unlike most switches used in programs.

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