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Colecovision HSC Season 15 - Round 10 - Squish'Em

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22 hours ago, JEFF31 said:

Not sure...?  Does speed climbing help...?  I don't try to climb more that 2 levels as a third gets something dropped on my head. Squish'ed a bunch of enemies along the way. Dugger - can you explain your strategies?

I never noticed the 300-100 pts difference in stationary stomping and moving stomping that Ikrananka pointed out.  Very interesting!  I generally just stomp everything while moving from right-to-left or left-to-right (easier to do than stationary stomps, in my opinion) and then move up a level.  I still complete the levels quickly.  On later levels when everything starts falling sooner, I try to manipulate where everything falls by hanging in the corner and waiting for an item to fall.  Then I move sideways and move up a level.  I still stomp a lot of enemies as long as it doesn't look too difficult to do.  It's really all about using good judgment and picking your spots.


Friendly tip:  if there's only ONE WAY to go up a level, then you do that ASAP.  Don't screw around with stomps if it looks difficult and you can get up quickly.  If climbing up doesn't look possible yet, then hang around in the corners and wait for items to fall there; if you're lucky, the creepers above you are also moving to the corner and then it's easier to climb up the only way up the middle.  That's been the biggest difference in my improvements since last year in this game.


Don't miss the extra-life bonuses (the items that you can grab).  You're going to need them, because you will make mistakes.  There were times I lost 2 or 3 lives on one level, then went so many in a row without losing a life.

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4 minutes ago, JEFF31 said:

Thanks for the tips...



Time to take the DeLorean back and give younger 'Bif' some tips so that he can beat you ass in 2022!!!




"That's as funny as a screen door on a battleship!"  Back to the Future is my favorite movie series ever.  That's my Star Wars!

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