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UPDATE: Current Release: 2.0

What’s New in 2.0?

DREAMM has undergone a pretty significant overhaul since its first release. If you’re migrating from 1.0, see the Upgrading from DREAMM 1.0 section. In short, the major changes are:

  • Re-wrote DREAMM’s user interface to run on top of SDL2, enabling MacOS support.
  • Wrote assembly language versions of my i386 interpreter for both Intel and ARM platforms.
  • Added Direct3D emulation support, with a multicore software renderer.
  • Introduced support for many new games, including the GrimE engine games, several Star Wars games, and others.
  • Expanded support for more demo and alternate versions of games, including my own Windows ports (yes, I now emulate myself).
  • Added support for Super VGA output, plus basic joystick controls.
  • Added in-game volume controls, plus many other quality-of-life UI improvements.
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