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NZ Retro Magazine #2 Out Now!

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Hi everyone,


I launched NZ Retro Magazine in April and I have just released issue #2. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! 


I know the title has NZ in it but there's plenty of content suitable for overseas folks. In fact, there's really only one local feature (plus a collection tour) each month - even then I think you'll find those pretty interesting, too!


In issue #2 I go over the Road Rash series, review the Evercade VS, check out a massive Sega collection and much more!


If you're in New Zealand you can grab the magazine from www.nzretro.com or you can pick it up from your local Amazon if you're anywhere else in the world.


Both issues are available in print and PDF forms (the latter from www.nzretro.com) and I'll upload the Kindle edition of issue #2 shortly. Issue #3 will be available on July 1.


Check out some covers!


Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 8.04.42 AM.png1044451446_ScreenShot2022-06-10at8_05_21AM.thumb.png.30b2294f49864b4920f43504544e6c5d.png1783782476_ScreenShot2022-06-10at8_06_41AM.thumb.png.05c086fe7f553c9e2493ee4919b38aa7.png


Thanks folks!



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