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Another Polyphony

Fort Apocalypse

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Initial release:


By default, it switches the two sound channels 4 times to simulate 8 channels. I think this sounds pretty cool. For now, it's just a basic harmony, but I'm hoping to find a song that will work with it.


If you press the button, you can hear the two sound channels switching 2 times to simulate 4 channels. IMO, this sounds a little irritating with pure tones, but it might be ok with more distorted sounds,


If you push the joystick in the up, right, down, or left direction, you can hear just the two sound channels playing their 2 parts of the simulated 8 channels.


Piano-like scrolling of the notes is buggy, since using pfpixel with data reference won't persist due to bB bug.


another_polyphony_0.1.bas.bin another_polyphony_0.1.bas

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