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Project Justice; IMO the best 3D fighting game on Dreamcast NOT named Virtua Fighter


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8 hours ago, roots.genoa said:

I just realized the title suggests both this game and Virtua Fighter 3 TB (which is not considered that great usually) would be better than SoulCalibur. ?

Perhaps he meant non-weapons based? Yeah, the DC Soul Calibur was a revelation at the time, and it still plays like a masterpiece to this day. There aren't a ton of 3D fighters that I can think of on the DC though. Off hand, other than what's been mentioned, I can think of Dead or Alive and Fighting Vipers 2. Did one of those 3D KoF games from that era make it to the DC?


Anyway, while I haven't played Project Justice, Rival Schools was an excellent fighting game, and I've read nothing but good things about the sequel. But as far as 3D fighting games in general, Soul Calibur on the DC is legendary while Project Justice is barely a footnote outside of hardore fighting game circles. 

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Tech romancer, plasma sword, those are some more Dreamcast games regarded as 3d fighters.  Some people might also consider spawn and virtual on as fighters but that's getting kinda far afield from what your average Joe would think is a fighter.


The 3d kof games were PS2 only.

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