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Was there ever a 7800 Kiosk or POS Display?


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I don't recall ever seeing one.  A quick Google search doesn't bring up anything.


I know there was a 2600 (holy grail item for me - but only if it's in good condition), a 5200, and an Intellivision one.  (Believe it or not, I used to actually *have* the Intellivision one BTID - my father somehow obtained one...  It was complete with the silver box that played carts for a few minutes before going back to the menu.  That's long gone though.) :( 


Anyway, I would love to see what it looked like if there was one.  Anyone know?  Even if it was in the planning stage?



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According to Curt, it does (did?) exist, for the Summer 1984 CES:


Its triangular, simple lines, kinda cool, nothing spectacular...


Additional details by Ferris:


It was essentially a three sided stand with the footprint of a triangle. The front was made of plexiglass. Towards the top was an imbedded television and beneath that was a display area for the 7800 ProSystem.


I do not know how many of these were ever in existence or if they ever shipped to any retail chains. These were created under Warner and it is unlikely that it would have been something the Tramiels would have kept.


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The only time I ever saw a 7800 in a demo /point-of-sale setup was in a Best Buy-like chain (called Lechmere) in the late 80's.
It was just set up with its own TV and playing Xevious alongside a SMS and NES (3 systems side by side).  Can't recall ever seeing one in a kiosk format like the NES and SMS had.

No other store had them out for people to see or touch (Toys R Us, Sears or Kaybee).  I was actually surprised to see a 'new' system from Atari as I had sort of written them off after the mid 80's, so I was mildly intrigued.





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Neither of the two Montgomery Ward stores I worked at had 7800's on display per se. We left them in the box, bulk stacked in the middle of Electric Avenue's computer and video game section. Didn't even take one out of the box to put under glass like we did with most other systems. By the very early 90's when the price dropped to $59, they sold out quick! Seemed everyone wanted one, and Galaga was mostly the reason why. 

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