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Atari STE SCSI Hard Disk Drive Replacement

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I have an Atari STE where the Hard Disk Drive is not working.  Temporarily I have it working with my UltraSATAN but I'd like to get the internal hard disk drive working.  I purchased the ZuluSCSI (aka AzulSCSI, a follow-up to the SDSI2SD), but I'm not sure how to get it partitioned/formatted/installed.


Anyone have any suggestions?  it should be like a regular SCSI device (except that it uses an SD card to replace the SCSI HD).  



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So, it is actually Mega STE - as you talking about internal hard disk. And internal adapter in Mega STE is limited to 1 GB .

Plus, it does not support parity. So, will it work with that Zulu or other SCSI-SD adapter depends from is it possible to disable parity on them. Still, 1 GB limit will stay.

On this page are more details, and how to mod Mega STE internal adapter http://atari.8bitchip.info/modmste1.html


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Yes, it is the Mega STE.


The 1GB mod seems simple to do.  I think I'd have to do the Parity Generator Mod to get drives to work.


Is there a good formatting/partitioning tool to setup a new hard drive on the Mega STE?  Something like Disk Management in windows that recognizes the drive and sets it up for use? 


The old SCSI drive seems to spin up, but isn't recognized.  Perhaps I could try to reformat it?


I'm running completely blind on this.  I have the UltraSATAN that I've used on the regular Atari ST line, but that's the limit of my Atari system/TOS knowledge.


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