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Please identify this apple clone


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it's a unitron clone, I built one exactly like it from scratch. I still have the manuals somewhere. basically it's a complete ripoff of a II plus with a provision to use 2kb or 4kb roms (4kb roms need a jumper) this one has 2732 eproms hence the empty rom slots. 

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100% it's a Unitron (or a ripoff of a Unitron).  Not Unitron from Brasil (that's a completely unrelated Unitron) but from Taiwan.

I have two of them here.  One that has a sexy blue solder mask and actually says "Unitron" and one that has a green solder mask like yours that does not say "Unitron".

Perhaps the green one is a clone of the Unitron (it's very likely a true Unitron since it was installed in a case that bears the Unitron logo), but no matter, both my boards are identical to yours.


And they're not exactly identical (they're about 98% identical) to a real II+.  There is the notable addition of the 74LS02 at E2 that inverts the enable signal for 2716 (and in your case 2732) EPROMS.

They're also notable for being very high quality (unlike many other II+ clones which are pretty janky).You've even got the same black power supply with the red and white label that I do on my two clones.


Please note - even those black power supplies have RIFA branded noise suppression capacitors.  Some have two of them.  Best to replace those right away with a modern equivalent before the explode and stink up your house and put you in the doghouse with your significant other.

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