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Differences between NTSC and PAL Pong systems


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Hello everyone,

hope someone can help me with this:

I just tried to build a composite mod circuit for my AY-3-8500 based Pong system. It works fine on my north american "Apollo 2001" (I live in Canada)

However, I also have a bunch of german Pong systems in my collection and it's not working properly with those systems.


I am aware of the 50Hz / 60Hz difference between Germany and NA, but here's what I don't quite understand: 

I'm grabbing the outputs pretty much directly from the chip and the only spot that I thought could have an affect was the clock input, but that is ~2MHz on both German and NA consoles.


Does anyone know why I get different results when trying to connect a German system, even though there doesn't seem to be any kind of country specific frequency regulation in the circuit (it's power with DC after all, there can't be any influence from the power source either...)


Attached is a picture of the circuit for the mod just in case it helps.


Sorry if the answer is super obvious... video signals have always been confusing to me.


Thanks in advance!

pong composite mod.png

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