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Nexus Emulation A8/5200 Problems

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Hi Everybody,


unfortunately the Nexus Thread is gone (for reasons) and the follow up Project has not popped up by now. Possibly the old Thread would have hold the Information i seek.


The Emulation of the A8 and 5200 has issues with the Sound. At least for me. Sound is screeching and scratching. Is there a way to make this better? I've searched for the (Sound)setting in the Nexus Folders but had no luck finding something to meddle with. Like Mono/Stero, Khz or something like that.


The last Version of Nexus i have is 1.0.01


Kind Regards


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Hi Rom,


Yes - the old threads had a lot of information!  There is still a small discussion going - I'll link it below.  As unlikely as it seems some users (long ago) had reported improved sound after going to a better quality memory stick/SD card. Also, it always seems like people in EU report the worst sound issues.  Maybe somehow related to PAL?  Anyway, some improvements were made for 8-bit sound along the way, but I'm not sure when they came in - and honestly don't recall the exact details right now.  My best suggestion is try the build referenced here on a new SD or memory stick:



If that improves your sound then it may be worth trying to figure out which settings were involved (seems to me like it was a specific core setting which helped a lot).  The sound never got to be perfect, but it was for sure much better than "screeching"!


PS: One other user reported a difference in sound depending on the TV in use.

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Hi Rocketfan,

thanks for the answer. I tried and used the 1.5.1 Build. Unfortunately no better Sound. I also tried through my load of different SD Cards. I have 10 with different sizes 2, 4 and 16GB. Also no luck. Maybe the next Version


Again, Thanks


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I was involved with that discussion and we tried everything. There is no way to improve the sound of A8 emulation (sadly!). The problem is the libretro core used for the A8 emulation, sadly there is not a newer version available that can run on the flashback.

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Yes, the libretro Core is the Problem. Atari800 is used and it's Version 3.1.0. that is used. No one seems to update that core anymore. Newest Version on Atari 800 Homepage is 5.0.0. A lot of additional Rom-Schemes are supportet now, but i can't tell if the Sound has become better. I wish for an Altirra Core but i guess that will not going to happen.



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