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Time Plot WIP


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11 hours ago, artrag said:

Thanks to @skywaffle for the audio contribute.

Wip with all the 5 levels



I'll take a closer look at the entire video a bit later, but here are some preliminary comments:

  • The pacing of the starting jingle is much too fast (as compared to the original arcade).
  • The last "down-scale" of notes sounds a little distorted, as if the tones' frequency is heavily modulated.  The instrument sounds less music and more like "bleepy" sound fx.
  • The "auto-shooting" is a lot slower than in the arcade, where it shoots three bullets in rapid succession at a time.  I like the "auto-shot" feature, but I still think it should throw three quick bullets on each burst.
  • The player shooting sound effect sounds a little hollow, like from "Pong."  It would be ideal if you could replicate the futuristic "laser blast" sound of the arcade.  After all, the player is piloting a time machine from the future. ;)
  • The green sky in the 1940 stage is a bit weird, and so is the fuchsia sky of 1982.  I do not think it is necessary to change the sky colour on each stage, and worse on the Intellivision, who's colour palette is very limited (and weird).
  • The "clouds" (asteroids?) in the 2001 stage look much too orange.  Perhaps they would look better using a different colour?
  • Ignore the previous two:  I just checked out a video of the original arcade game and the colours seem to match.  The ones on the Intellivision are still too stark and weird, but I guess we could expect that.  It would be worth checking out on a CRT to see how the sprites look against the background, in context.

That's it for now.  Looking (and sounding) good, although still needs some work.  Great job so far! 👍



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42 minutes ago, artrag said:

This is the game on NTSC machines

No more jittering

PS The number of spare fighters is 0 becouse I was testing the ranking table 


avi_0001.avi 28.99 MB · 0 downloads


Looks very smooth as well. 👍


I still hold out hope for a closer replication of the shooting mechanic from the original:  three rapid-fire bullets in one burst at a time, with a more "laser-y" sound.  With auto-fire, it would still shoot three rapid-fire shots in one burst, but repeat them with a slight delay in between.  Obviously, this is nothing critical, just spit & polish.


Still, it looks to be a great game. :)



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