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OLD CS1's Late Spring Cleaning


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Clearing up some space and putting together some dosh for my VCF-SE exhibit in July. Payment via PayPal, buyer pays USPS shipping and packaging.  I will do my best to use boxes I have on-hand and USPS Priority boxes, but other boxes have to be purchased.  For small items, like the trading cards or the PoE injectors, I can just drop in a padded envelope.  We can discuss how you want to package.


Shipping to USA and Canuckistan, only.



  • Sega Magazine is SOLD.
  • Dell E5430 Core-i5 is SOLD.
  • Super Mario Bros. posters are SOLD.
  • Four 1TB drives are SOLD.
  • Dell Latitude E5400 Core2Duo is SOLD.
  • Dell Latitude E5430 Core-i7 is SOLD.
  • All 1TB RAID Edition drives are SOLD.
  • Dell Latitude E6430 Core-i5 is SOLD.
  • Syquest SparQ drive is SOLD.
  • Dell Latitude D630 is SOLD.




A1K Amiga 500+ "Project Red" board with Video Hybrid

FBAS and S-Video -- $150 plus shipping


Amazing re-work of the Amiga 500+ Rev. 8a motherboard.  Includes the Video Hybrid with FBAS and S-Video video output kit.  Revive your dead battery-eaten 500+ by transferring its good components to this new board.





"Mean Machines Sega" magazine, October 1993 (No. 12) -- FREE plus shipping


This issue sports the front cover fold-out for Mortal Kombat.  Includes the free 1993 Sega Megalogue.  Shipping for this one will be a little weird as it is larger than standard US magazines and does not fit in a regular shipping envelope.





3Com 3C905 PCI network cards -- $5 each or $12 for the lot, plus shipping


I have kept these network cards, along with some Intel 10/100s, for a while as emergency cards for various "legacy" systems on which I might have to work.  There are drivers for these cards for every operating system from Windows 3.11 through (at least) Windows XP, Solaris x86 (elxl), and various Linux versions.  They are reliable and durable.  My collection hath runneth over and I need to trim down the space.





PS/2 and serial mouses, 15-pin Gravis PC GamePad -- $5 each plus shipping





Commodore C64 wire-bound user's manual and

Commodore 1541 disk drive user's guide -- FREE plus shipping





Sun 13W3 4' Monitor Cable -- FREE plus shipping





Harmony Gold / Hero Factory Robotech trading card pack (2001-ish) -- $3 plus shipping


DSC05306.thumb.JPG.35d6195918e4e628b3aff6252fe31510.JPG  DSC05305.thumb.JPG.50520f85eadc01086459ba165c9c846b.JPG



Two packages of Bucky Cubes, one sealed -- $20 each plus shipping


DSC05307.thumb.JPG.ab8a5d76cb9bdce55cf69a52bbfb6301.JPG     DSC05334.thumb.JPG.17ed6f5be5358cd3de6b7abcab6810f9.JPG



3DForce MX4000 128MB AGP video card with composite and S-Video output -- $10 plus shipping


DSC05310.thumb.JPG.6b3b8c55690a9c77766e37cc33a84837.JPG    DSC05309.thumb.JPG.bebb97c7a39957b1aad8db185b3e7fe9.JPG





SyQuest SparQ 1GB removable drive, parallel port, factory sealed -- $25 plus shipping





Mad Dog Multimedia USB2.0/Firewire DVD-RW -- $10 plus shipping


DSC05333.thumb.JPG.8f9cd9e58c95387205b7e4bfa4cd3471.JPG   DSC05332.thumb.JPG.65b476b6c6181cc1289795d64257a092.JPG



Eight Ubiquiti U-POE-AF PoE gigabit PoE injectors w/wall mounts -- $4 each plus shipping

(brand new, $8 from UBNT)


DSC05338.thumb.JPG.436b944c1b394d72db5ff1b657f9c33f.JPG   DSC05339.thumb.JPG.b280c549ed05826c0e032778c219b1dd.JPG



McDonald's Ty Beanie Baby #9 "Bones" -- $3 plus shipping

(From 1998. Almost 25 years-old. Seriously, these mass-produced "collectibles" have no value what-so-ever.)

DSC05346.thumb.JPG.8e99126d61b900e56389980edde1e5a2.JPG   DSC05347.thumb.JPG.5f03bc4391a8ea7c99c2c2f0a7e49d35.JPG



Family Guy Stewie's head pillow -- $5 plus shipping

(Victory shall be yours)




Think Geek Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 wall wrap/poster (two sets) -- $10 each, plus shipping




Unopened.  Was purchased to wrap a room which was never realized.

  • Super Mario Level 1-1 Poster Set
  • Officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • 5 poster set can be combined to show the entire World 1-1 level
  • Dimensions: 12" wide x 36" long each (180" long when put together)
  • (That's 15 feet of poster!)








These have been in-service as loaners, but mostly sitting on my bench.  The DVD-RW drives were tested a while back (in fact, I installed Windows 10 from DVD on the two D-series,) but I cannot guarantee they still work.  Same for the batteries, though each system shows the battery is charging and will run without being plugged in.  All laptops have been tested to run Windows 10 64-bit, but will come without an operating system.  All laptops have at least a 120GB SSD installed.  Chargers are available UPON REQUEST (Dell chargers are a dime-a-dozen, and I figure most of us have two or three laying around, already.)


Dell Latitude E5400, Core2Duo 2.53GHz, 4GB -- $25 plus shipping


DSC05359.thumb.JPG.7c546c9ab4a9dd3f3110b77f3028dbfb.JPG   DSC05358.thumb.JPG.76e6d2c331fd66f89b2d343e71ac2699.JPG



Dell Latitude D630, Core2Duo 2GHz, 3GB -- $25 plus shipping


DSC05357.thumb.JPG.0624488d763975e9db39dde3e0ef3860.JPG   DSC05356.thumb.JPG.18e032883b6f312d4858fe9d3ecf9cc4.JPG



Dell Latitude D830, Core2Duo 2GHz, 2GB -- $25 plus shipping


DSC05355.thumb.JPG.0b3237f719aa39782f1035c0d28c1c65.JPG   DSC05354.thumb.JPG.9d9c8e310206f9c14e0e6316d8f65dec.JPG



Dell Latitude E5430, Core-i3 3230 2.6GHz, 4GB -- $50 plus shipping


DSC05353.thumb.JPG.0785e966dba0ea6470a06550bbd94042.JPG   DSC05352.thumb.JPG.ddfac087a1af125a4981b8f30b2dd399.JPG



Dell Latitude E6430, Core-i5 3230 2.6GHz, 8GB, 250GB SSD -- $55 plus shipping


DSC05351.thumb.JPG.c20fe0256b3846617f572a9895e68670.JPG   DSC05350.thumb.JPG.0b3410f784e9727ea9bc3ada48c9c6b3.JPG



Dell Latitude E5430, Core-i7 3540 3GHz, 8GB, 250GB SSD -- $55 plus shipping


DSC05349.thumb.JPG.96e90bd2d07e033acb6cfb88c55375f4.JPG   DSC05348.thumb.JPG.0de5a4b544a8f8335576a42891223bb5.JPG






NetGear ReadyNAS RN316, 3x 2TB WD RE & 3x 2TB WD Gold -- $500 plus shipping

(Intel Atom D2701 2.1GHz, 2GB RAM, 2x gigE, 2x USB3, USB2, 2x eSATA.)


No idea if the eSATA ports are implemented (I have heard both ways.)  This works great for iSCSI and SMB.  Supports the latest ReadyNAS OS (running 6.10.4, the latest is .7,) anti-virus, DLNA, PnP (for simple media streaming,) NFS, and more.  Was a great box but I needed something with a smaller foot-print, so it was replaced with a 1U rack-mount unit.


DSC05329.thumb.JPG.67716a63cafd7db5a8a57facaa37f4c3.JPG     DSC05328.thumb.JPG.bdceeca7a7f53a1490332e05d7443440.JPG





Lenovo ix2-dl two-bay NAS, 2x 2TB WD Red -- $100 plus shipping

Discontinued.  Updated to the last available firmware.  Was use for iSCSI and storing ISOs and virtual machine templates.  Supports pretty much all file sharing protocols and has a bittorrent client.


DSC05331.thumb.JPG.d09e9c40c9b034e060e8bf44a2cfeb7d.JPG   DSC05330.thumb.JPG.3238e3300cb3274a7b4483f32e23cba0.JPG



Lenovo ix4-300d four-bay NAS, no drives -- $60 as-is, $80 recovered plus drives, plus shipping

Essentially the four-bay version of the above, but a bit more powerful with 2x gigE ports.  Works great for iSCSI, and was used for my Hyper-V testing lab.  Caveat: the OS is 32-bit, so while it accepts larger drives, the largest supported iSCSI LUN is 4TB.  The deal here: the system is "dead."  That is, the drives were removed after a factory reset, but it refuses to accept new drives (the OS is stored on the drives, even after a factory reset.)  There is a recovery process which I have used on other Lenovos but never bothered with this unit.  If you take it as-is to revive yourself, pay $60.  Recovery requires drives to store the firmware, so snag up at least two drives from below and I will perform the recovery, pay $80 plus the drives.





Hard Drives

2.5" SATA Drives -- $5 each plus shipping

  • 2x Hitachi 250GB 5400 RPM
  • Samsung 320GB 5400 RPM
  • Western Digital 500GB Black 7200RPM





3.5" 1TB Western Digital RAID Edition -- $10 each plus shipping





3.5" SATA Drives -- $5 each plus shipping

  • 2x Western Digital 320GB
  • 2x Western Digital 500GB RAID Edition
  • 2x Western Digital 250GB Blue
  • 2x Western Digital 160GB RAID Edition





Wireless Access Points


These are retired PoE-powered 802.11n wireless access points.  All work excellently, sport gigabit uplinks, but are end-of-life and max out at 300Mbps.  They still do great for small office, guest Internet wireless, and multi-SSID/VLAN networks.  I just cannot bring myself to throw them out as they still have life!


Nine Engenius EAP-600 2.4/5GHz WAPs -- $5 each plus shipping


Supports eight SSIDs per band, band-steering, MAC filtering, 802.1q VLAN, SNMP management, excellent roaming hand-offs, and more, including something like eight different operational modes, including NAT routing on the uplink, bridging, extending, &c.  Eight units have a ceiling mount kits.  The Engenius EAP devices have been small office and small venue staples for me for over a decade.  All have some amount of discoloration.  (I have a single EAP-600 installed at a local sports bar, the only one installed, operating for almost 10 years serving upwards of 60 devices at a time. nb the single unit was the owner's idea, certainly not mine.)





Two Rukus ZoneFlex 7962 2.4/5GHz WAPs -- $10 each plus shipping


These neat devices use multi-zone "BeamFlex" radios in 14 sectors to give devices the best possible signal irrespective of their location relative to the access points.  They work with the Rukus ZoneDirector to fully manage wireless network occupancy and operations, but also work excellently as stand-alone units.  Once their flagship product, these were far more expensive (originally between $600 and $1,200) and provided more stable coverage over larger areas.  Really impressive devices, but, again, only 802.11bg/an.  IIRC, they support a maximum of four SSIDs per radio band.



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As I am heading to VCF-SE, I will not be able to fill orders until next week.  I am still accepting offers and will answer as time permits.  Thanks to everyone who has picked something up -- your purchases are helping make my exhibit possible.

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You know what happens at a garage sale around 1pm?  Yeah, those shoes you wanted $5 for?  You will let them go with a coffee table, vacuum cleaner, and some shirts for $1.


Anyway, I am knocking 40% off anything remaining, and am taking offers.  I also added a few new items: serial and PS/2 mouses, C64 and 1541 manuals, and some good old tough-as-nails drivers-in-every-operating-system 3Com 3C905 PCI 10/100 network cards.

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Couple of items sold.  Added another Logitech serial mouse and a 15-pin Gravis PC GamePad.  I am uncovering more stuff which will be added soon.


Also, to everyone who has bought from me in this thread, I will be getting off my ass and putting in feedback this weekend.  Everyone has been great to work with and I want to make sure they get their due accolades.

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